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FLAGKEEPERS LLC.  is a North San Diego County custom flag display service. Our flag rental program is designed to provide your event with a custom flag display of your choosing. Each event is a unique setting and demands specific requirements. Our goal, is to provide a flag display package that will fully satisfy your requirements for the event.


Our goal is to make certain that your experience with Flagkeepers rental service is exceptional.  Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy what our flag display will do to enhance the beauty of your event.

Our Easy Renting Process



Give us a call and let us know all about your event including:

  • Type of Event

  • Location 

  • Number of day(s) for the rental

  • Indoor or Outdoor Display

  • Types of Flags requested

  • Your contact information


For the best display, we would need to schedule a site visit at your earliest convenience to discuss:

  • The type and number of flags

  • Requirements for the lighting of the flags

  • Availability of on-site electrical

  • Will a portable generator be necessary

  • Security for on-site protection of the flag display

  • Parking for loading & unloading of equiptment. 

Enjoy Your Event!

We make it a point to set up the flag display as early as we can. 

Flagkeepers personnel will arrange the flag and lighting display and will handle the moving of all their equipment.  We will remain on site until the flag display has been approved by the event coordinator.  

We will return to strike the display and remove all the equipment at a time as directed by the on-site coordinator.

Flagkeepers makes it quick and easy.

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Flagkeepers LLC. shares your excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this event. Our goal is to proudly serve you with timely service, "crisp and clean" flags, and accessories that are in pristine condition. 

We provide the same level of professional service whether its 1 or 100 flags. 


With an offering in excess of 1,000 flags our inventory primarily includes all 50 States and 6 U.S. Territories, Branches of our military, International flags, variety of Patriotic flags, Religious flags, flags honoring Police, Fire and EMTS, 9-11 Remembrance and Mourning, Native American Tribal flags, Grand Opening, and Welcome flags, and flags honoring the fight against cancer, just to name a few. 

We proudly serve our Military, Civic Organizations, Emergency Responders, Businesses, Churches, Schools, and Colleges 


Every Flag

Perfectly Placed

It's not only the placement of the flag,  but each flag's meaning is very important to us. We work with your specific expectations to provide the most appropriate flag.



We help with all your flag rental needs. Call us for your event today.  


What makes Flagkeepers stand out from other flag rentals? 

Flagkeepers is the ideal choice when you are looking for flag rentals. Our inventory is unmatched, and no one beats our customer service. But the driving force behind what we do lies in our love and honor for the flag itself. Our owner, Richard, Dinse, is a retired Marine Master Sargeant, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on flag protocol to your displays. At Flagkeepers, no two displays are the same. We design each flag rental project specifically for each individual client and their event. You will receive personal care, impeccably high attention to detail and proper display, and a beautiful presentation when you choose us for your flag rentals. 

Can I get flag rentals for both indoor and outdoor displays? 

Here at Flagkeepers, we provide flag rentals for every event no matter if they are inside or out. We will quickly set up your flag displays so that each flag can be admired and respected individually, but also so that the flags form a cohesive display for your event. Call now to start with us today. 


What kind of flags do you have for flag rentals? 

Flagkeepers boasts an impressive collection of well over a thousand flags. We offer flags for all 50 states and 6 U.S. territories. We also carry international flags, flags for each branch of the military, religious flags, Native American Tribal Flags, and more. We also carry promotional flags, like Grand Opening and Welcome flags, to draw attention to your business. We guarantee that if you have a flag need, we can meet it with our high-quality flags. And once you’ve decided on your flag rentals, we will set up your flags for display then take them down after your event is over. You won’t find flag rentals with better service or a lower price. Call now to book your order with us today. 


What kind of events do you provide flag rentals for? 

There is no limit to the events we can provide flag displays for. We proudly serve the military, civic organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and more with our flag rentals and displays. Each of our more than one thousand flags is crisp and clean and ready to be displayed at your service. Whether your event is a short, hour-long ceremony at a small school or a huge multi-day event, Flagkeepers can provide professional flag rentals for you. 


What information do I need to have before booking my flag rentals? 

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen Flagkeepers to have the honor of setting up your flag display. In order to best serve you, it is helpful for you to have some information on hand when you give us a call. We need to know the type of event you’re hosting and where it will be held, the duration of your flag rentals, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and the types of flags you want. Have this information at the ready, and your booking process will be fast and effortless. Call now to book your flag rentals today. 

Am I responsible for set up of my flag rentals? 

When you choose us for your flag rentals, we take care of all of the display details: set up, lighting, and tear down after the event is complete. You won’t have to lift a finger. We work to set up the flag display as early as we can. That leaves your event space available for final decorating, run throughs, and pictures. Our team will arrange the display and lighting. We then remain on site until the display has been approved by the event coordinator. Then after we receive word from the coordinator, we come back to quickly pack away all of the flags, lighting, and accessories. 


Do you provide stands and accessories with my flag rentals

Flagkeepers is a full-service flag rental company. That means we provide absolutely everything you need for a meaningful and beautiful flag display. Not only do we have a huge selection of flags for you to choose from, but we have all of the stands and accessories you need for your flags to truly shine. And if you want a lit flag display but don’t have electricity at your site, we have portable generators that we can provide so your flags look great and are displayed with the respect they deserve. 


How can flag rentals enhance my event? 

Flag rentals from Flagkeepers are a fantastic way to add beauty and even gravitas to any event. A beautiful and well-thought-out flag display can communicate pride in one’s country or state, honor for those who have fallen, and gratefulness for your heritage. They serve as a beautiful back drop or focal point on any stage.  


Do you have a minimum order for flag rentals? 

Flagkeepers does not have a minimum order requirement for our flag rentals. We want everyone to have access to crisp, quality flags at an affordable price. For us, this means giving our customers however many flags they need, whether it’s one hundred or just one. Each flag has its own significance, and we treat all of our displays, no matter how big or small, with the same level of professionalism, dignity, and respect. Call now to book your flag display with us today. 


Can you help me choose the flag rentals for my event?

Each of the one thousand types of flags we carry have very significant meanings. When it comes to flag etiquette, placement isn’t the only thing that you need to consider. When you have an event that you need flag rentals for, our owner himself will discuss your needs and wants to ensure that the flags you choose are appropriate and meet your expectations. 


Do you offer lighted displays for my flag rentals? 

Yes! If your flags will be displayed in the evening, it’s important that each flag be properly lit to honor and respect the symbolism of each one. If your site does not have electricity, we can provide a generator so that your flag displays are beautifully lit.