What is this flag going to do for the event? State themed? National taste- a cuisine? A particular city? Who are the people in the room that you wish to highlight? 

It's not only the placement of the flag,  but each flag's meaning is very important to us. We work with your specific expectations to provide the most appropriate flag.

Our expertise, suggestions, and choreographed direction will be beneficial to event personnel in the placement of the flags.  We want to be certain that the placement of the flags do not interfere with  guests at the event. 





Flagkeepers is dedicated to providing a U.S. flag display that will educate our young Americans about the history of the U.S. Flag and what it represents. This display of the 27 U.S. flags is made available, free of charge, to schools throughout San Diego County. If you would be interested in displaying this set of flags at your school, please notify Flagkeepers to schedule a date and make the appropriate arrangements. God Bless America!